Sunday, January 18, 2009

Catching up . . .

Where do I start? It has been a while. Life has been crazy insane. We found out right before Christmas that Ryan got a job with Eastern Arizona College, which meant we would be moving to Thatcher, which is what we have wanted for so long. But who knew it would be so stressful. Ryan had to start on January 5th, so he has been living with his parents and I have been single mom to three boys. It has been very challenging trying to pack up our house and take care of the boys, but I know it will be so worth it. We still have not found a place to live in Thatcher, so we are just waiting. The boys are so eager to move to Thatcher, which is great, but they really miss their dad. So that has been our life for the last month or so. Oh, and we are expecting another member to our family in July, we are very excited (when I am not sick:( ). I am just going to post some random pictures from Christmas and the last couple weeks.

Opening presents at Grandma's and Grandpa's
Porter fell asleep before we could open any presents.
Porter snuggling with Grandma and Grandpa.
We had a white Christmas at Nana's & Papa's.
They had a ball.
Christmas Eve in their new PJ's.
The 30 stockings that line Nana & Papa's banister.
The boys on Christmas Eve.
Our little Power Ranger!
Brock scored with the Bakugan.
All Porter cared about was the candy.
Sledding down the driveway.
Did I mention that it was freezing and the wind was blowing? They did not care.
Papa found a tube and pulled all the cousins around with the 4 wheeler . . .
. . . until the tube popped, but that didn't stop Jackson. Papa pulled him around just holding onto the rope.
One day I found Porter hiding in the boys room with a tub of cookie dough, it was pretty funny.
The mischief the boys have been getting into while I was packing - they emptied and entire #10 can full of sugar onto the back porch, they said it was snow.
But they have been helpful too, the boys love to do the dishes and help me cook.
So there is a look at what we have been up to. We will try to keep you posted on the move.