Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Catching up. . .

I have been meaning to load these pictures for weeks, but am just now getting around to it, so bear with me, this may be long.

This is the happy fam before Jackson split is head open at the football game.

Annual trip to Apple Annie's. This has become a family tradition to go get our pumpkins each year. I hope we always get to do this. This year it was really windy, so we didn't get to stay long, but we did manage to get some fresh kettle corn, yum!

Porter is such a cutie!

Finding the perfect pumpkin!

These are pictures from Porter's 2nd Birthday at Grandma & Grandpa's house. Thank you guys for everything, we had a great time!
Porter opening presents!
Porter's new ride. His brother's were very eager to give him some help.
He did not enjoy the help for very long!
Catching frogs in Grandma's back yard! It was great entertainment for the kids. Brock wanted to keep them as pets.
Brock lost his first tooth. He was so excited! The tooth fairy even let him keep his tooth and then he lost it, imagine that!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


As Ryan says, "We have been living on borrowed time." With three boys now we have finally had our first head split open, and for Jackson it was staples, not stitches. We were in Thatcher at the football game and they were letting off fireworks after the game. Jackson was looking up at the fireworks and must have lost his balance and fell back and hit his head on the bleacher behind him. Blood was going everywhere and Brock was freaking out, I think he thought Jackson was going to die. The paramedics looked him over and offered to take him to the hospital (yeah right, I am not paying for an ambulance ride), but Ryan spotted Aaron Allen in the stands and had him take a look and see if he could stitch him up. Aaron went for supplies and met us back at Ryan's parents house. He showed up with STAPLES! I did not like that idea, but he said by the time he numbed him to do stitches he would be just as upset. Well by that time Jackson was asleep, so he slept through the first two staples, but the stapler jammed and he woke up and was very upset when they put the third one in. It was quite an ordeal, he cried himself back to sleep and slept all night. Now I just have to worry about getting those staples out, that should be fun!