Saturday, June 20, 2009

Way too long. . .

K, I know it has been way to long since my last update, but we have been very busy. We have been going out of town almost every weekend for the last two months and we are worn out. The boys have been playing T-ball and Coach-Pitch and loving it. We have been enjoying cooler weather, but we are bracing ourselves for the heat. I don't know what I will do with myself. I am already too hot. They have scheduled my induction for July 14th, yeah! We are very excited to see this new little guy. Ryan is loving his job, he is teaching summer school in Ft. Thomas and Clifton and we are enjoying having our Dad around more. We have been swimming a lot at the local pool. We really miss all of our friends and family that we moved away from. I will upload pictures when and if I can get my camera fixed.

We also want to wish all the fathers in our family a Happy Father's Day. We love you all.