Thursday, September 3, 2009

We are here, we are here, we are here!

I promise we are still here. We have been very busy, but we are alive, well and happy. It amazes me how quickly time goes by. It seems like just yesterday that we moved to Thatcher, but we have been here for 7 months. We welcomed our new little guy, Holston Scot Conrad, into the world. He is so precious, even with the collic. I can't believe he is almost 2 months old. It is going by way to fast. Just to give a quick update, Brock turned 7, has started 1st grade and is playing flag football. He is doing so well, and loves his teacher. He has already learned so much. Jackson is really missing Brock now that he is in school. I really wish I could get him in preschool, if only it was free, right? Anyhow, he loves hanging out with me and helping me cook and take care of the baby. Jackson is my pal when it comes to cooking, he loves to watch food network with me. He says he is going to be Bobby Flay when he grows up. Porter is getting so big, he has so much personality. He says the funniest things. He has a fiesty side now that I don't always love, but he makes things interesting. And little Holston is doing very well. If only I could get him to sleep at night, so we stay up and channel surf most nights. I do love having that time with him though. It makes me sad to think he may be our last. Ryan has been a huge help with the other boys, he gets up with them almost every morning so I can get some sleep. He has been so patient with me in my crazy hormonal state. I really love that guy, he puts up with a lot. He is loving his job and has been able to help his dad with football too and is loving it. I know he really misses coaching so I am glad that he can help. Well I am just going to post a bunch of pictures to catch up on all you missed. They are in no real order either.

Here are all my parents grandkids except for Wyatt and Holston, they have 20 now, 6 girls and 14 boys, can you believe it.
Pinata time!

Jackson loves his Papa!
Roasting mashmellows and starbursts at Nana's & Papa's on the 4th, yes starbursts!

I went to check on Porter the other night and found him asleep in Jackson's drawer.

Jackson loves to hold Holston.

Brock waiting to go to his first day of school.

Brock ready for his 1st day of 1st grage.

Our sweet little Holston.

Porter loves to give kisses.

A Conrad Sandwich!

I love this picture, see Porter in the background?

I will try to catch up on some more later.


Lee Anne said...

How sweet is that baby! I wish I could hold him. Glad you guy's are alive and well.

Linde said...

I loved all the pictures. Glad you updated. Hope you are adjusting with that sweet little baby. Enjoy!

Nicki said...

What a BEAUTIFUL baby! Congrats! Glad to hear you are doing good.

Melis said...

I'm so glad I got to see you when you were up. And glad I got to hold sweet baby Holston! He sure is a cutie :)

Adam said...

FINALLY!!! Holston is soooo cute... He reminds me of Brock when he was a baby. I sure miss all of your boys. especially you. Love you, (as Ryan would say YOUR BUTT SISTER.) Casey

Mandy said...

Love the pics. I'm goonnna call ya next time I'm in safford. Loved holding the baby. He is precious!

Monica said...

I was so happy to FINALLY see a post. What a precious baby! But, my very favorite picture is of the cute kid in the drawer!!!

The Papa's said...

I'm glad you FINALLY put some new stuff on here! You had better keep it up at least once a month now! Holston is a cutie!

Nikki said...

Hi Misty. I haven't seen you around in a while. I guess you have been busy :) Maybe tomorrow at the game??? Your baby is super cute. We should let our little ones play sometime. Jaten would love that. (He is 4) If you want they can come play any time. Here is my number (928)245-0164. Even if you just need a nap :)

Dawn said...

we knew you were still alive, just bummed to hear you are trying to live through a collicky stage. No fun. He's a cutie pie, and your boys are getting so big! Good luck with the sleep thing, I will be joining you in a few weeks. Sleep is pretty crappy around here for me anyways, can't wait to get this kid outa me!!

michelle rasor said...

oh, he's beautiful! it looks like you are all doing so well! i am so happy for you! you are blessed! & missed!

The Papa's said...

Mist first you put Brock ready for his first day of 1st grage instead of grade